woodwind instruments


Musik Fišera

is a specialized dealer of wooden wind instruments. We also run a repair shop where we do all kinds of repairs. Based on quality and experience, Josef Fisera built the first shop in Germany, whose first customers were the first saxophone player of Big Band Trias Norbert Nagel, Pepi Solera, Klaus Graf, Ferdinand Havlik, Felix Slovacek and many others. In May 2004, we opened the first Branch in the Czech Republic.


  1. František Bláha - clarinet player of the Czech Philharmonic
  2. Tomáš Kopáček - clarinet player of the Czech Philharmonic
  3. Ivan Doksanský - clarinet player of the Czech Philharmonic
  4. Jiří Seidl - bassoon player of the České filharmonie
  5. František Herman - bassoonist of the Czech Philharmonic
  6. Jiří Válek - flute player of the Czech Philharmonic
  7. Vojtěch Nýdl - Prague Philharmonia
  8. Milan Polák - Prague Philharmonia
  9. Milana Řeřicha - Prague Clarinet Quartet
  10. Jan Hejhal - Prague Clarinet Quartet
  11. Petr Čáp - FOK
  12. Jan Mach - clarinet player FOK
  13. Bohemia Saxophone Quartet
  14. František Kop - member of the accompanying band of Hana Hegerová and J.A.R. band
  15. Lukáš Pavlíček - oboist of The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
  16. And other great musicians like Mr. Felix Slováček, Zdeněk Hostek,
  17. Štěpán Markovič
  18. Castle Guard Orchestra and Police Orchestra